How to make a Cloven Orange Ornament


Materials: About 2 3/4" orange, cloves, and about 5 yards of 18 gauge soft brass wire.

1. Form a 1 inch ring from the brass wire.

2. Cut a piece of wire 2 - 3 feet long. Smooth both ends. Wrap one end around the 1 inch ring, bend the wire up to form a loop for hanging, then wrap the wire around the other side of the ring to secure it.

3. Hold the ring firmly on the top of the orange so that the loops will form correctly.

4. Bring the end of the wire back up through the ring. Leave a loop below the ring about the size of your fingertip. Do this 7 times so you have 7 loops around the ring.

5. For the next row and all loops thereafter - Bring the end of the wire under the X that forms the bottom of the loop in the previous row, then form a fingertip size loop.

6. Continue forming new loops around the previous loops, encasing the orange with wire.

7. When your piece of wire runs out, make a small loop in the end. Cut a new piece of wire about 2 - 3 feet long, smooth the ends, form a small loop at one end around the end of the last piece of wire, then continue looping as before.

As you are working, or after you have finished encasing the orange, add cloves in the pattern of your choice.


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