I recently purchased this bronze bracelet.  It is from the Baltic part of Russia (Ladoga Lake area) and dated 800 -1000 AD.  The person who sold it to me said that he has had similar bracelets in the past, but with the wire worked all the way around.   

The solid portion of this bracelet is very thick, and it is quite heavy - 58.5 grams. 

The fine wire has a diameter of about .036, or 19 gauge.  The heavy bracelet has a diameter of .289 or 1 gauge.  The widest width of the hammered ends is 5/8", and the length of that area is about 1".  

I have found that it has 8 heads around.  I have not been able to see a join.  It is possible that there isn't one in the fragments that I have, or that they just laid wire side by side and it looks like broken wires.  

Information on how to create the wire woven around the bracelet can be found in my book Ancient Wire, which is available from my website or from Amazon Ancient Wire - An illustrated guide to making jewelry in the manner of the Vikings and other ancient cultures

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